During the class “Grafisk Design, Tryck” (graphic design for print) at Högskolan Kristianstad, one of the assignments was to create a branding guide for an imaginary restaurant chain by the name Timewarp. Timewarps concept is to create different restaurants based on different art eras, while still being contemporary; I chose to work around the era Art Noveau. Other than creating the branding guide (manual) itself, I created the logotype and menu for the restaurant.

“Timewarp Art Noveau is a restaurant that takes the customer back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where inspiration for the restaurant have been gathered from the Art Noveau-art era and style. Art Noveau is said to not have been a unified style, but rather an umberella term for a number of different style expressions that simultaneously arose in different areas and places, mainly in Europe.

The restaurant Timewarp Art Noveau wants to offer the customer an organic feeling, where inspiration have been gathered from greenery, plants and nature. The branding for Timewarp Art Noveau wants to convey a simple graphical style, which creates a more contemporary and modern feeling, while still being close to the original, more organic feeling.”